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Buff Yellow Airway 10" x 3" 16ply 86/82 #4 CRO

Buff Yellow Airway 10" x 3" 16ply 86/82 #4  CRO
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10 x 3 Yellow Airway Buff used with green rouge for coloring and finishing.

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Description: Bias type Airway buff.

Typical Application: For cut down and finishing. Provides a faster cut and is firmer than untreated cloth. Treatment creates a very firm buff, best suited for cut buffing in higher densities. Can also be used as a color buff in low densities. Generally selected for heavy work requiring a firm buff that will still flex slightly on uneven surfaces. Recommended for use with Tripoli compound for cut buffing and green chrome rouge for color buffing. For optimal performance, buff face will need to be raked initially and as any glazing appears.

 Airway buffs feature a pleated design that allows for cooler operation than full disc untreated buffs, they also provide some oscillation on the face to help prevent rippling and streaking. These are edge cut buffs which means the compound is loaded and all the work is performed on the outer edge only. Airway buffs are similar to loose buffs wherein they will lap considerably under pressure, use extreme caution when using near sharp edges. Cleaning is accomplished through raking or spurring only, do not wash.

Class 2 for general purpose and Class 4 for heavy duty. Made of 86/80 cotton cloth for most standard purposes. Note: The class or pack refers to the length of cloth strips wound into the center clinch ring. A higher class number has longer strips which produces more pleats and a firmer, longer wearing buffing wheel.

 8" to 24" in diameter depending on job requirements. 16 ply is standard; also available in 12, 14, 18, or 20 ply to accomplish more or less flexibility. Centers are 3", 5", 7" or 9", and should be in a compatible relation with the outside diameter of the buff.

Safe operation requires the use of end flanges. Wear appropriate safety clothing, respiratory, and eye protection during use. Do not exceed maximum specified RPM.

Industrial grade. Guaranteed for quality and performance.

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