Testimonials from Happy Truck Soap customers

Truck Soap seeks to provide truck owners and operators with professional and effective commercial truck cleaning products, and personal, on-site training on how to use them. Our customers are our friends, and we appreciate their repeat business. To ensure we maintain these long-standing relationships, we endeavor to provide the finest in cleaning supplies and services.

The TCI 503 H.D. non-etching aluminum cleaner allows me to keep my 2009 Ravens dump trailer looking brand new. I used TCI 503 H.D. on my old Ravens trailer for 6 years and it never whitened or faded the swirls. The TCI 503 H.D. is very easy to use and saves me so much time. All I do is spray the TCI 503 H.D. directly onto the trailer and power wash it off with my 3000 psi cold water power washer. I also use the TCI 710 H.D. brushless truck wash for the weekly wash to remove road film. This is a brushless wash that keeps my rig impressive and everyone thinks I spend a lot of time on my truck when all I do is spray on and wash off with the correct chemistry. I recommend every driver, owner operator, and fleet owner to contact Your Choice because they care about their customer's expectations. These guys are the greatest: I call them with my questions and they have the cleaning solutions that save me time and money every time.

A Satisfied Customer