Why choose Truck Soap, a division of Your Choice Specialties?

First, and foremost, we take great personal care in meeting the needs of each client. We take the time to explain the composition of our chemistry and current chemicals, as chemical safety and compliance is a top priority.

Will any products burn (whiten) aluminum, or dull paint?

Our products are specific concentrates, when used properly and according to directions, will not harm or whiten polished aluminum.

What does a Truck Soap consultation entail?

Every consultation with Truck Soap includes the following process:

  1. Listen and observe to the good and bad experiences with existing cleaning chemistries
  2. From this observation, formulate a sound understanding of the client's cleaning needs
  3. Conduct a water analysis field test
  4. Demonstrate various chemicals and determine best products for specific applications

What is orange delaminine that is used in Tetra-Chem products?

Delaminine is the natural solvent which originates from the peel of an orange.

Are Truck Soap's products environmentally-friendly?

Yes our products are environmentally friendly and biodegradable. We have been "green" for over a quarter of a century.

Does Truck Soap facilitate MSDS sheets?

We make sure all customers have the current MSDS sheets for all products supplied by Truck Soap.