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Polishing Kits

When it comes to polishing your car or truck, you want polishing kits that are safe to use yet effective. We believe we have the best polishing kits on the market, from scratch and swirl removers to the proper tools needed to achieve a fantastic shine, to make taking care of your vehicle less of a chore.

When it comes to removing dirt on the interior or exterior of your rig or car, the quality and convenience of our polishing kits are hard to beat. Truck Soap’s aluminum buffing and aluminum polishing products are unparalleled. Our liquid polishes provide protection for months and can be the finishing touch on your polishing and detailing job (even on a dark colored car!)

Convenient, money-saving polishing kits

Whether you purchase our starter polishing kit for cars and trucks or the Truck Soap Ultimate Polishing Kit, you'll find each one comes with high-quality cleaning products as well as the buffing tools needed to clean dirty surfaces and restore gloss. Without leaving water spots behind!

These kits include surface lubricants, wax, and/or a blend of cleaning agents to help bring out the shine on your car's surface. You save money with our polishing kits because you avoid having to buy each item separately. Plus, everything you need to tackle grime and restore shine is conveniently located in one kit.

Backed By Industry Insight

Every truck cleaning product available for purchase at Truck Soap has been field-tested and approved by Matt Martin, a professional truck driver at the age of 18 and founder of the company. Truck Soap strives to give its clients the best truck cleaning products and truck cleaning services the market has to offer. Even our starter polishing kits include wheel rakes for cleaning and removing glazing and to shape or remove glue from the face of polishing wheels as well to produce higher quality finishes.