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Wheel Rake (Refill)

Wheel Rake (Refill)
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A metal toothed rake refill cartridge used to soften the outer edge of the buffing wheel for maximum shine.

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Description: Buffing wheel rake (head only).

Typical Application: Cleaning, fraying, and facing buffing and polishing wheels. 

About: Buffing wheel rakes are designed specifically for edge cut cotton buffing wheels. The main purpose is for cleaning and to remove glazing but they are also very effective at fraying the face of new lathe cut cloth buffs prior to use. Although not as effective as a crystolon or pumice stone, wheel rakes can be used to shape or remove glue from the face of polishing wheels as well. Light raking is an essential part of an initial facing and the entire buffing process. Allows for improved compound retention, reduced waste, and higher quality finishes. For optimum performance and life of the head rake buffing wheels frequently and lightly.  

Construction: Mild steel. Two formed channels producing 4 rows of teeth. Drilled at standard spacing to fit most handles.

Packaging: Sold individually, in packs of 10, or by a case of 100.

Precautions: To help prevent accidents and injury rake buffs lightly at first and gradually increase pressure if necessary. Wear all appropriate safety clothing, eyewear, and respiratory protection during use. Teeth are very sharp and can cause severe injury if use carelessly or improperly

Note: Industrial grade. Guaranteed for quality and performance


Product Category: Aluminum Polishing

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